January 24, 2004 . . .
Plumbing, wiring, and insulation in place, drywall is ready to go in.
Cans of drywall compound stand ready to be applied as soon as the wallboard is up.
Wiring, plumbing, and ductwork will be covered up with drywall.
Routing the plumbing around the corner of the Master Bathroom.
January 30, 2004 . . .  Drywall Mudding
Kitchen Wall to the right.  Wood Stove Deck at rear.  Deck Door and one Bay Window.
From the Office to the Guest Bedroom.  Pantry on the middle right, across the hallway from the kitchen.  Guest Bathroom, then Guest Bedroom beyond.  Living Room at the far left.  See the House plan below.
Wilt the Mudder.  We call him Bill.